The stages of a creative beings combined with the blockchain.
How does the crypto world influence creative beings?
How is crypto influenced by artists?

Ebic Jo is exploring the possibles creating a NFT with seperate layers.

Interactivity layers 
There are three layers: Background, Block and the Creative_Being.
The layer colors blend into each other and creating even more combinations.
Each layer has 8 different stages and can be changed by the owner. 
Each layer can be purchased separately. Each layer can be owned 
by a different collector.

The master layer is the combination of everything and can be owned as well. 

Use Case 
In this case, it is a representation of the mood the artist is in. 
Is he thinking, creating, finishing something, or just meditating? 

A NFT is another way to communicate with the world. 
Using it on clothing or accessories creates a new way of communicating.

Another use case could be a DAO. The artwork can be owned by multiple collectors. 
Each owner could cast their vote. 


Possible combinations

the Block

the Creative Being

the Background

+ Paper and pen
+ Blender
+ Photoshop

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